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Italian Sausage Meat Sauce

This homemade legendary meat sauce is simple, yet unforgettable. It has been featured at several catering events with 5 star reviews. Check out our Kim’s Cookin’ School  page to top this meat sauce on a 4 step homemade Lasagna. She even walks you through making your own homemade noodles. 

Italian Sausage Meat Sauce

By: Kim B

6-8 cloves garlic. Smashed, than chopped
1/4 cup mince onion
1/4 cup mince red pepper
1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds
Salt and pepper
Pinch or to taste Red pepper flakes
2 lbs Italian sausage, casing removed if linked.
1 Tablespoon tomato paste

28 oz can crushed tomato, 14 oz can tomato sauce (I use Cento brand )

-A few pinches of Basil, Oregano, Italian seasoning to taste and 1 pinch of sugar.

Sauté onion and red peppers in olive oil until clear over med heat, add salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, fennel seeds and garlic, cook until garlic is fragrant, careful not to burn the garlic.  Add crumbled sausage and cook stirring and breaking meat up until cooked through.  Increase heat and add tomato paste and stir allow paste to darken a little color.
Add crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce, stir, bring to boil than reduce heat to a low simmer.
Adjust seasonings, and add what you like, basil, oregano, Italian seasoning etc.

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