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Homemade Pop-Tarts

I tried several homemade pop tart recipes and they ranged from buying store bought pie dough 👎to a time-consuming, overnight delicate, fancy pastry dough full of butter. Don’t get me wrong, I love butter. But, I need something in between. I want fast, unprocessed and flavorful.  My niece and daughter were all about it. With a fork in hand, the girls helped me create this fun recipe. It took 20-25 minutes from start to finish including baking time. I call that a 👍. Bonus, all five of my taste testers gave it the green light 👊👏for the blog.


Homemade Pop-Tarts

By: Bekie A

1/2 cup of Coconut oil

1 Tbsp butter

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

1 Tbsp sugar

1 egg

1/2 cup ice water

2 cups of flour

-Makes 6-8 pop tarts


Using a fork, mix together everything but the water and flour. Once thoroughly combined, add the flour. Mix with the fork until crumbly. Make a well in the center and add in ice water. Combine gently and knead 2-3 times. 

Quick option: dump all of the ingredients into a processor minus the water. Turn on low and add in ice water until combined into a mound of dough.

Put into the freezer for 5 min to chill. Meanwhile, set out fillings. You can use Jams, fresh fruit, nut butters, etc. Be creative. We decided to make plum (1-2 Tbsp of plum jam), s’mores, and a savory bacon and cheese. Divide the dough into two and roll out on a floured surface. Using a pastry or pizza cutter, cut into equal size squares. 

Put filling into the center of the squares. 

Smores: 3-4 marshmallows, 1 Tbsp graham crackers crushed, 2 tsp choc chips
2 tbsp of bacon bits, 2 tbsp of shredded cheese

Beat an egg with 1 Tbsp of water. Place an equal size square on top and brush with the egg yolk mixture. Seal edges using a fork. Place on a baking stone.  

Bake on 370 until golden for 8-12 minutes. 

Top with powdered sugar or drizzle with icing. We used leftover coconut cream icing that I had made for the banana cake. 


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