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Potato, Chorizo, and Egg Taco

Breakfast of Champions!    

Potato, Chorizo, and Egg Taco

By:Kim B

4 Servings at least.

2 large baking potatoes

1 package of chorizo sausage, pork or beef, with casing removed

1 tablespoon butter

4 eggs

Shredded cheese, (optional)

Sliced avocado, (optional)

4 tortillas, corn or flour

Oil and butter for cooking


Wash and dry 2 large baking potatoes, poke holes then microwave on potato setting for 2.

Heat skillet over med heat and add a small amount of oil and cook sausage breaking into small pieces with back on wooden spoon. Cook thoroughly until brown and well done. Turn off heat.

When potatoes are done and cool enough to handle, cut into bite size cubes. Add to sausage with butter, stir to combine.


Taste for seasoning. May or may not need salt depending on sausage.

Warm tortillas, fill with sausage and potato mixture, top with cooked egg, shredded cheese and avocado if desired and enjoy!

Bon Appetite. 

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