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Tiramisu with a Twist (Egg-Free)

Just the title of Tiramisu seems intimidating, but this recipe whips up in a breeze. I made this for a dear friend’s son’s graduation party. It’s beautiful; the layers of coffee-soaked cookies flake into a cake-like texture separating sweet vanilla cream. 

Tiramisu with a Twist (Egg-Free)

By: Bekie A


2 cups of whipping cream

2 cups of mascarpone cheese

1 cup of whipped cream cheese

14 oz lady finger cookies

2 cups of strong cold coffee

4 Tbsp of Kahlua

1 1/4 cup of amaretto coffee creamer (or half n half mixed with 1 tsp of amaretto extract or 2 Tbsp of amaretto liquor) 

1/3 cup of sugar

2 Tbsp of Mexican Vanilla (or regular vanilla extract)

1 dark chocolate bar for shaving 

Cinnamon for topping 

4-6 Raspberries for garnish


Place your mixing bowl in the freezer before prepping the next step. Pour coffee and 1 cup of amaretto creamer into a medium bowl. Add Kahlua. 

Choose either a 13×9 glass dish or a 12 inch round pan. Open 1 package of the cookies. Dip each cookie gently (don’t soak or they will fall apart) and line the pan. I also lined the sides. For a 13×9 pan, line the sides laterally.

You may need to open the second package of cookies and use a few to finish lining. 

Now remove the chilled mixing bowl. Pour the 2 cups of whipping cream into the chilled mixing bowl. Beat on high until stiff peaks form. Turn on low, and slowly add in sugar 1 Tbsp at a time. Keeping mixer on low, next add, vanilla and whipped cream cheese. Once incorporated, slowly fold in mascarpone cheese. Lastly, add in 1/4 cup of amaretto creamer. Turn off mixer. Mixture should be thick. Scoop half of the mixture onto the lined cookies. Spread evenly. 

Then, dip the remaining cookies into the coffee mixture and line over the cream mixture covering it completely. Now, scoop the remaining cream mixture over the top of the middle cookie layer covering it completely. So that it looks like this again👇🏻

Gently sprinkle cinnamon on top. Using a zester, or a cheese grater, grate the dark chocolate over the top until covered. Garnish with remaining cookies or raspberries.

12 inch round☝️

13×9 👇🏻

Keep refrigerated until serving. 

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