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Frozen Texas Peach Margeritas 

Made from fresh juice, Texas peaches, and agave, this is the perfect Adult beverage to beat the heat by the pool. 

Frozen Texas Peach Margeritas 

By: Bekie A

2 large peaches or 3 small (wash & remove core, but leave skin on)

Use a shot glass to measure the following: 

1 full shot of fresh lime juice

1/2 shot of fresh lemon juice 

1/2 shot of orange juice or pineapple 

2 shots of Triple sec

2 shots of Tequila

1/2 a shot of agave (or more if you like sweeter)

1 1/2-2 cups of ice

Place everything in a blender and purée until combined or it becomes the consistency of a smooth frozen margerita. For a virgin version, skip the alcohol and replace with pineapple or orange juice.

Makes 3 large margeritas or 4-5 small. 

Sip by the pool or a beautiful Texas Sunset


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