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Cardamon Kissed Chocolate Orange Pudding

This recipe is rich and layered with flavors. It’s best served with fresh fruit and topped with whipped cream. My kids love it served as fondue with all the fixens to dip such as pound cake, bananas, and strawberries. Or impress your friends by serving it in individual wine glasses. A little bit of chocolate heaven goes a long way.    

 Cardamon Kissed Chocolate Orange Pudding
By: Bekie A


2/3 cup whipping cream 

2 cups chocolate chips

4 Tbsp of salted butter

2Tbsp honey

2 tbsp coffee 

1 Tbsp vanilla

1/3 cup whole milk

2 Tbsp cornstarch

Dash of cardamom

3 Tbsp of orange jam

3-4 Tbsp of sour cream

1 Tbsp of orange balsamic (don’t have it? Add 2 tsp of orange zest to 2 tsp of regular balsamic)

There are 2 different ways to cook this pudding. Either stirring on the stovetop over low heat or in the microwave. I prefer the convenience of the microwave. To start, Add everything except the sour cream, balsamic, vanilla, and cornstarch to a large bowl or pan. If using a microwave, heat for 45 seconds. Stir, then heat for 30-45 more. If using stovetop, stir over low heat until everything combines. 

Then mix together the cornstarch, sour cream, balsamic, and vanilla. Slowly stir into the pudding until it is combined and there are no lumps.  Allow to sit and cool to room temp. Serve with toppings of choice. 




To transform into fudge in a jar, pour into a mason jar layering with nuts halfway through and on top. Chill until gifting. 


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Honey Butter

In a few minutes, your life could change forever. You will never look at a biscuit the same. Your kids will hail your name and the sweet concoction known as “Honey Butter.”


Honey Butter

By:Bekie A

8 Tbsp of salted butter

1 Tbsp of whipping cream

4 tbsp of honey

Place all of the ingredients in a glass mason jar. Microwave for 45 seconds. You can melt it on the stove, but I hate dirtying more dishes. Stir vigorously. Cool 3-5 minutes and then place in the fridge until set. It will be a beautiful golden color. Serve by the drizzle or spoonful. 

drizzle over fresh fruit

give as a gift with a cute spoon