Kim’s Cookin’ School “Better than a Restaurant” Garlic Butter Herb Steak


By:Kim Betz

Are you craving meat, but can not afford a $30 plus steak dinner at your favorite restaurant?  Cook this, and you will never miss restaurant steak again!

The following recipe looks very involved, but most is added information for better understanding of the process. Please read through first, then go for it!

Let’s have Steak!  I served mine with with Smashed Garlic Potatoes and Green Salad with Lemon Garlic Dressing. See the blog to find those simple recipes. 

Meat cuts:
Bone in or boneless Ribeye
NY Strip

These 3 cuts of meat listed can be cooked using this same method.  The variation will only depend on the thickness of the meat.  The thicker the cut, the longer it cooks.  Otherwise, it’s the same technique for any of the above.

The meat can be prime beef, choice or select.  Whatever your wallet can afford.  I never thought there was a difference between the cuts, but sadly there is one.  We only have prime on Christmas.  Our grocery store rarely ever has prime ( except around the holidays) on sale, but occasionally  the choice and select cuts are reduced per pound, so I stock up. The meat can be frozen after additional packing into freezer bag, but leave in original package for extra protection from freezer burn.

Try to decide a head of time if you are going have steak for dinner.  Remove from refrigerator 3-4 hours before cooking, or at least one hour.  If frozen, remove from freezer 2 days ahead of time, and allow to thaw in the refrigerator. This information is subjective due to variation in kitchen temperature. Basically you want to cook your meat at room temp after the salt marinate. Avoid doing any thawing in the microwave if at all possible.

Ingredient line-up

2 Steaks, 1/2-1 inch thick

Sea salt or Kosher salt
Olive oil
Cracked black pepper
Sweet or smoked parika

2 tablespoons of butter
Fresh thyme, 3-4 sprigs
1 large sprig of Rosemary
3-4 peeled and smashed, but not chopped cloves of garlic
Instant read thermometer

Once thawed (if frozen) and out of the frig, cover the meat with paper towel to absorb liquid. Once at room temp, transfer to a clean dry surface.  Using a fresh paper towel pat meat dry on both sides.
Rain salt on both side of meat and allow to sit while prep the rest of the meal. If steak is over 1inch, preheat oven to highest temp on bake.

Now it is the time to use that cast iron frying pan!  Otherwise, a heavy skillet the can withstand high heat and oven safe is needed.  Especially, if the steak is over an inch then it will need finishing in oven.  While waiting to cook, place the dry skillet on stove over low heat.
The room temperature salted steak should be covered with little flavor beads due to salt drawing out the water and then having the salt permeate the meat with flavorful moist. Rub raw meat with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with cracked black pepper and smoky or sweet paprika.

Increase skillet to high heat and when dry pan just begin to smoke. Carefully put in the steak.  If cooking more than one steak, be sure meat is not touching, using  2 pans if needed.  Do not move or disturb meat.  Reduce heat to med high and allow to cook for 3 minutes. 


Have ready the 2 tablespoons of butter, garlic and herbs.

Carefully turn the meat.  The Underside should be well seared and brown.  Using heavy pot holders as pan will be very hot, tilt pan forward keep meat back and add butter, garlic and and herbs. Put pan flat again.  After butter melt, tilt pan again and baste top of meat with pan juices.  Do this about 4-5 times.  Place herbs and garlic on top of meat and put pan back flat again and allow steak to continue to cook until desired done ness. Please never pass med-rare. Note that meat will continue to cook once removed from pan.


Rare: 120 degrees. moo

Med Rare: 130-135 degrees.

Remove from pan to cutting board, cover with foil and allow to rest 10 minutes.
Toss salad
Place potatoes in serving bowl.
Reheat pan sauce after draining and addin accumulated juice from meat back to the pan and pour over steak just prior to slicing and serving.

Bon Appetite

Green Salad, (spinach, romain, arugula, mixed herbs)
Lemon, garlic, olive oil dressing

Spinach, Arugula, Romain lettuce, Herb salad (Salad greens)
Any combination to taste.

4 cups Salad greens.  Washed and dried.

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