Kim’s Cookin’ School Roasted Peppers

What do you do when peppers are on sale?  You roast them!

This Works best inside if you are blessed enough with a gas stove.  Otherwise use your oven broiler turned up as high as it goes with peppers on a rack and a sheet pan.  As with on top of the stove, frequent turning and repositioning is required.

You want as much of the pepper skin black, charred and blistered. This Makes for easier peeling.

The Poblano gets the same treatment. 

As the peppers are done, remove to a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap and allow to steam 10-15 minutes.  

You can go longer allowing the pepper to actually break down ( cook ) in their own heat, but I like mine on the firm side, peeling them while still warm.

The red that you see is where the skin was charred and removed by the tongs.  All the skin should be charred.

This is Messy, but so worth it.  Use the side of your thumb to rub off the skin, a paper towel can help and frequent hand wiping and rinsing.  Avoid rinsing the pepper under water; this makes for a soggy pepper and it decreases the smoky flavor.  Slice open and remove stem top and ribs. Use the blunt side of your knife to scrape away seeds and char.  Slice into strips.

Take a Break for lunch.  How about a Tuna salad with boiled egg, red onion, celery and of course a roasted red pepper. Olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon juice. Yum! I Would love a little mayo, but not today.

It’s beautiful on a poblano. I ended up not missing the mayo. I Found an avocado 🙂

Peppers…peppers galore.  They have Many uses.  Salt and pepper to them and cover in olive oil in a jar.  Refrigerate. Great as an appetizer alone or with cheese, but it is most delish in salads, wraps, or on grilled meat.  I’ll be listing few.  See what’s left of my tuna salad, that’s what for lunch tomorrow 🙂

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