Meet the Chicks!

Bekie A.

I love everything Chocolate

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt Adds both smokiness and flavor to give any TexMex or BBQ meal a swift kick
Adds both smokiness and flavor to give any TexMex or BBQ meal a swift kick
Cooking is therapy and food is a work of love. I started cooking and experimenting with food at a very young age: my mom would let me trial and error as young as 8 years old. In my twenties, after becoming a mom myself, I started entering cooking contests and was published in several culinary magazines and cookbooks such as “A Taste of Home,” “Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade,” and “Food for Thought” by Chef Gale Gand from Food Network.

In 2008, I starred as a guest on Food Network’s Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade show. In 2009, I was named Hill Country Top Chef Runner-Up.

In my thirties, I pursued Nutrition and Dietary Guidance certifications to find healthier alternatives to my favorite foods. I sold gourmet pies and cookies for 2 years, and began teaching cooking classes for all ages. Most recently, in the last 3 years,I have synced with the other two Spice Chicks to cook for the Hill Country Texas Olive Company and Lewis Wines specialty dinners and catering special events, we are currently working on a cookbook together.

Lastly, my family and my kids are the best and most honest food critics. Coming from a massive family, I’ve learned to cook for a large crowd: fast and efficient with lots of flavor. All life needs a little spice.

Kim B.

As a mom of 7, my food must be hearty, rich, and please my large crew of food critics. I’m known for my southern touch on Seafood and spicy twist on main dishes. Specializing in gourmet meat for the masses, I thrive on perfecting techniques and flavors and one of a kind sauces. I bring over 25 yrs of cooking experience to the team. 

Sara A.

Known as the Soup Queen, I love constantly creating new comforting combinations. Working as a sous chef at a local fine dining establishment, I am always expanding my repitour and craft. Cooking from scratch delicacies, I happiest feeding my friends  and family. 

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